A Panel of Portland Rabbis

When: Oct. 4, 7:15 p.m.

Where: Shaarie Torah, 920 NW 25th, Portland, OR 97210

Tickets: $18 in advance, $20 at the door, $10 young adult and child, $36 patron

Refreshments and tea will be provided.

What have you always wanted to ask a rabbi about Judaism?

Rabbis representing a diverse range of Jewish thought, belief, and tradition respond to YOUR questions about Jewish life, meaning, practice and so much more at a community panel hosted by the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School.

Our Moderator:

Kim Rosenberg

Our Panelists:

Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin, Congregation Kesser Israel

Rabbi Kenneth BrodkinRabbi Ken Brodkin is the rabbi of Congregation Kesser Israel, Oregon’s longest-established Orthodox synagogue, and is the Rabbinic Dean of Ma’ayan HaTorah Day School, a new educational initiative in Portland. His favorite aspect of rabbinic life is the opportunity to engage with many people of diverse backgrounds, and to connect with them through the meaningful moments in their lives. Rabbi Brodkin is passionate about helping Jewish people of all ages access the power and relevance of Judaism through interactive Torah study and experiences. Originally from central Massachusetts, he received his BA in History from Brandeis University, and was trained in Talmud and Halacha at Yeshivas Toras Moshe in Jerusalem. He holds his Smicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, and he is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America. Rabbi Brodkin along with his wife Aviel and their six children are proud to make their home in Portland.

Rabbi Michael Cahana, Congregation Beth Israel

Rabbi Michael CahanaBorn in Houston, Texas, Rabbi Cahana comes from multiple generations of rabbis including his late father, Rabbi Moshe Cahana, and his older brother. At his ordination in 1994, he became the first Reform rabbi in his family's history. Rabbi Cahana's academic interests are the interface of religion and science with a particular emphasis on medical ethics. He has served on the Central Conference of American Rabbi's Committee on Human Sexuality and chaired its ad hoc committee on Physician Assisted Suicide. Through his leadership and programming, Rabbi Cahana has reached out to unaffiliated Jews, interfaith families and others who have struggled to find a home in the Jewish community. Rabbi Cahana has published on such diverse topics as physician assisted suicide in Jewish law, the Unvoiced Tetragrammaton, and the role of religion in Battlestar Galactica.

Rabbi Joshua Stampfer, Congregation Neveh Shalom

Rabbi Joshua StampferRabbi Stampfer was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1921. At the age of two he and his family moved to the U.S., where his father served as a rabbi in Madison, Wisconsin; Chicago; Memphis; Akron; Columbus, Georgia; and Los Angeles. Rabbi Stampfer graduated from the University of Chicago, received his M.S. from the University of Akron, his M.H.L. from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and his D.H.L. from the University of Judaism (now American Jewish University). He received an honorary doctorate from Pacific University in 1987. He has developed major conferences under the auspices of the Institute for Judaic Studies, including Sephardic History and Culture, the Vienna of Freud and Herzl, the Teachings of Abraham Joshua Heschel, Interfaith Conference on Biblical Studies, From Powerlessness to Power - Israel and Japan - 1948-1988, as well as a number of single lectures in Judaica. He has also lectured extensively on Israel and Jewish community life.

Rabbi Ariel Stone, Congregation Shir Tikvah

Rabbi Ariel StoneAriel Stone, a native of Orlando Florida, was ordained a rabbi by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (Reform) in 1991. She received her B.A. in International Studies magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Emory University in Atlanta. In 1993-94 the World Union for Progressive Judaism appointed her the first liberal rabbi in Ukraine, where she served as Rabbi of Congregation HaTikvah of Kiev and assisted in the establishment of Progressive congregations in Ukraine which continue to flourish today. Rabbi Ariel has a Master’s degree in Hebrew Letters. In early 2010 she was awarded a Doctor of Jewish Studies degree from Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago for her work bringing insights from medieval Jewish mysticism to modern issues of community, under the direction of Dr. Byron Sherwin. She serves as adjunct faculty in the Religious Studies departments of Portland State University and Willamette University of Salem, and from 2007-2009 as President of the Oregon Board of Rabbis.

Rabbi Motti Wilhelm, Congregation Bais Menachem

Rabbi Motti WilhelmRabbi Motti Wilhelm was ordained by the Rabbinical College of America and Israel’s former chief Rabbi Mordecha Eliyahu in 2004. He was the editor of Kovetz Ohelei Torah, a respected Journal of Talmudic essays and has led services in the United States, Canada, Africa, and Australia. He is currently a Chabad “Shliach” (emissary), who together with his wife, Mimi, leads Congregation Beis Menachem – Chabad, and is the director of Portland’s Benaroaya Jewish Learning Academy. He lectures on Talmudic Law, Medical Ethics and a wide array of Jewish subjects.

Rabbi Arthur Zuckerman, Shaarie Torah

Rabbi Motti Wilhelm Rabbi Arthur Zuckerman grew up in an orthodox home in Brooklyn, NY. As soon as he could, he left New York, moved to Israel, served in the Israeli army, and joined a kibbutz. To him, nothing was as sweet as milking the cows and playing with the calves. Rabbi Zuckerman is a man of many interests. Passionate about living and teaching the traditions of Judaism, at the same time he loves to embrace various interpretations of Jewish Law (Halakha), and see how situations that arise in today’s society can be solved according to Halakha. Additionally, Rabbi Zuckerman is a Chaplain who has worked with police and SWAT teams, is a certified instructor of Weapons of Mass Destruction, has a large collection of police patches from around the world, loves to play poker and watch basketball and football games. You can often find the Rabbi shooting pool in his office while meeting with people.


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