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Helpful Tips in Writing Exemplary Quotes

If you are reading quotes to be inspired, there is nothing wrong with that. Good quotes can help communicate a message effectively to audiences. Whether to generate ideas or to bring inspiration, there are countless reasons why quotes are popular. Writing quotes can help make your speech or social media post memorable. If you want to begin writing quotes, make sure you carefully consider your audience. Once you have several drafts, you can start revising them for clarity, concision, or resonance. In this post, we will share some essential tips that might further help you. 

Make Out Your Theme

thinkingThe theme is the essential starting point for making a quote. Thus think of the most important topic you want to discuss. Take fifteen minutes to think about your theme, and you can use point forms, such as single words or short phrases that indicate a theme. If you’re making a quote for sports, for instance, your theme could be about success, perseverance, and persistence.

Competition and new markets, strategic planning, and opportunities are the key themes appropriate for business, while for a particular issue you can try poverty, homelessness or environmental degradation, or even health care.

Write Your Key Message

quoteThe message is what makes a quote relevant. Consider what your reader will understand about the topic or issue that you have identified. Thus it would be essential to include a message that you want to convey to the reader by reading your quote. At this point, you can write the message of your quote in a short paragraph. A key message is simple as long as you are in touch with the theme. 

For example, if you want to write a quote for sports fanatics about the importance of getting enough protein, the key message would be the importance and benefits of nutrition and diet for their performance. If you write about homelessness in your city, then the message should revolve its certain aspects that have something to do with poverty and income. 

Use Short Sentences

An effective and powerful quote uses short sentences. In this way, the message would be more relevant to the reader and would not compromise its message. For some reason, this has something to do with the copyright, and you do not want your work to branded as plagiarized, right? When using short sentences, try to be creative by picking the right words that capture the essence of the message in your quote. You can apply humor as well, or consider using images. And you can make several drafts to edit it. In this way, you can assess and arrange well the sentences for polishing your work. 

Apply Life Virtue

palm writingSpeaking of the key message, anything that has something to do about life’s virtues is ideal for a quote. You can give a quote about life itself like patience, kindness, love, respect, loyalty, positivity, or common sense. You can use similes and analogies to show a relationship between two aspects related to that virtue. There are many choices for analogy. One analogy might be playing chess.

Life and chess analogy can serve as the basis for a quote: “Life is a game of chess.”  There are many moves you can make, but in the end, you have to choose one. Oscar Wilde used similes in his memorable lines about love: “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”