Things You Can Do to Encourage Others While Lockdown Continues

Many of us usually do active working and socializing before the coronavirus outbreak, but the current situation forces us to alter into remote working and social distancing habits. It is not easy to adapt to something new, but it doesn’t mean we cannot have a good time with our friends despite the social distancing restrictions since it is essential to encourage each other. The following are several ways to encourage others while lockdown continues. Check out for more information.

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Host a Virtual Happy Hours

This activity can bring some normality and joy into our lives and, at the same time, give us something to look forward to in today’s world. The host let everyone prepare their favorite drink and discuss the recipe with the other guests.


If you need several icebreakers, start with an e-check to see how everyone is doing. Which Netflix program is galloping while they are in quarantine? What movies or novels do they approve of? What great podcasts have they discovered? What new songs have they experienced? What exercise films do they find stimulating?

Or let the guests take a virtual tour of the room they are calling from and point out something interesting. That can be a souvenir from a different country, a childhood treasure, or just a book manuscript they started writing. Or they could be discussing hidden skills. This way is always good for a laugh and boosts your mood!

Do a Workout Video With Friends on Zoom

Can you use a training video with a zoom partner for group training in the gym? Invite one or two friends to join in the Zoom and then click the share screen button. Several gyms, such as Retro Fitness, have also started streaming live gymnastics exercises for free on Facebook.

Enjoy Virtual Movie Nights

You can also use the Zoom screen sharing feature to watch a movie with your friends. Another way is to try Netflix Party, an add-on that allows multiple Netflix users to view a screen share from various areas. It synchronizes your image and has a chat purpose that will enable you to exchange comments.

Have a Virtual Game Night


Karaoke or Charades can work utilizing Zoom or Houseparty. Two Truths and a Lie is another easy but exciting game that helps everyone get to know each other better. Play for the right to brag about finding out who knows each other better. Another way is playing Instagram social distancing Bingo. If you don’t need to play with Instagram, create your bingo text and bingo boards or email them to your friends and then mix them virtually to play. Of course, there are numerous alternative app stores that you can choose from if Bingo is not on your favorite list.

Host a Virtual Dinner With Friends

Many restaurants are closed during the pandemic, and perhaps you can’t dine in on the restaurant. Hence, what you can do is hosting a virtual dinner with your beloved friends from every group member’s house. This way is useful and practical so that you can keep in touch with them virtually.

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