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Types Of Craft Beers Explained

Craft beer continues to become popular. This is because a lot of people are now realizing and appreciating it more as compared to other types of beers. This is attributed to  great taste of Craft beer sorten, endless variety, and style that appeals to the palate. You should note that amateurs do not make craft beer. Rather, there is real craftsmanship and skill involved. However, there are some feeling that craft beers and communities served to have a close connection. Some people do not understand the difference between beer and ale. They wonder whether they are the same thing or different. For instance, do you know the difference between beer and lager?


This is the main term used for alcoholic beverages brewed with wateBeer with mealr and starch grain. In fact, that is what you need to create a brew, which you call beer. Across the world, there are several variations. At the West, beer is brewed using barley. They say beer is the oldest beverage ever known. Ancient Egyptians used to brew beer, and it is said their ancestors were doing the same. Even to recent times, beer has been regarded as a dietary staple. Others call it liquid bread as it is packed with a lot of carbs that provide you with the energy. Monks are said to brew beer to drink during their fasting as they could not eat solid food.

Sub-categories of craft beer


This refers to beer brewed by using hops. These hops offer the bitterness in taste and contribute to the aroma. Use of hops works well with malt. Malt is used to provide the sweetness and body to contrast the bitterness of hops. Thus, you get a delicate balance of the two. Nowadays, brewing techniques continue to develop, ale and beer are now becoming synonymous.


This is regarded Beeras the most popular beer type across the world. It was developed by Germans that were permitted to make beer only during Winter/Autumn months but needed ready beer during summer months. Thus, they came up with techniques of fermenting beer in the caves. Lager is the German word for storage.

It is a huge variation within the sub-categories of beer. However, if you know the basic classifications, you will find it quite cheaper. However, you do not have to know the way craft beer is made to enjoy it.