Things You Need to Have for a Bingo Fundraiser

Many non-profit organizations, schools, and night clubs organize bingo fundraiser events every year. Several institutions that do bingo fundraisers have become very popular. And they hold bingo fundraiser for two to three times a year. Did you know that you can now play bingo on your mobile phone? If you want to try it, you can check out the Telemedia Online.

Bingo fundraiser is similar to regular bingo, except that a portion of all the money accumulated is given to its chosen charity. Each bingo card can easily be prized a few hundred dollars, which is a great attraction for your project. The standard bingo fundraiser lasts only a few hours. And if you want to do one, here are the things that you need to prepare:

Admission Tickets


Many people will buy additional cards to increase their chances of winning in any bingo game. There will probably also be some special bingo games that individuals pay extra for. By organizing lotteries and promoting food during the event, you can win more money for your organization.

Bingo Expert

A bingo expert is recommended, as a bingo night requires a person with experience and bingo equipment. A master of ceremonies is also expected to be responsible for making the announcements and maintaining the activities.

Prize Pool

All the money that you have accumulated must be donated to have a chance to earn money with your project. Collecting money to donate can be hard, but it is possible with the help of this event.

numbe roneRaffle Prizes

In addition to the prizes of any bingo game, you can also have a raffle for something. The winner does not have to be present during the raffle. The lottery prize does not necessarily have to be money, but it can be a large trophy with a high dollar value.

Food and Beverages

Since the event will last several hours, you will need to offer food and refreshments for sale for the participants. In some bingo events, a buffet lunch is served, for which participants pay extra. With donated meals, you have the opportunity to generate more income. You have the opportunity to offer a free drink to anyone who has purchased a ticket.

Realistically, it takes a few weeks of work to maintain a bingo fundraiser. A team of volunteers is ready to do it. You should also choose the date and place of the presentation, and then you go to an effective bingo fundraiser.

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